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Adsquare Overview

Helping brands connect people and places in a privacy-first world
We’re a global company that uses cutting edge audience and location data to supercharge your campaigns.

Reach audiences based on… WHERE THEY'VE BEEN or WHERE THEY'RE AT

We’re proud to offer a broad range of intelligent and customisable solutions to meet your marketing needs.

Audience Targeting
Combining data about people’s interests, demographics and where they’ve been allows you to build sophisticated audience profiles that deliver better performing campaigns.

Proximity Targeting
Advanced spatial data lets you reach your audience based on their current geographical context and deliver more relevant campaigns for them. Discover the power of context with Proximity Targeting.

Footfall Measurement
Find out what’s working, how it’s working and optimise performance on the go. Learn how your Drive-To-Store campaign is driving Footfall. Discover how knowledge is power with Footfall Measurement.

OOH Planning and Activation
Choose the specific OOH locations that are going to best reach your audience, automate your buying with programmatic activation and boost performance with digital retargeting solutions. Learn more about Data Driven OOH Planning and Activation.

Award-winning Data Solutions
We’re proud to receive industry acknowledgement for our leading role in location data science and marketing. Learn more about what makes Our Technology special and how different building blocks are used to deliver results here.

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