Trumpia Overview

SMS Marketing (Text Marketing) and mass texting made simple with the user in mind. Send out mass texts, increase your customer loyalty, and increase sales. The Most Complete Cloud-based Texting Software for Businesses. Dedicated to helping business grow and stay well connected to their customer base.

Once You Automate, You Won’t Go Back
As your projects grow, and you no longer have the time to manually carry out every
messaging project, Trumpia’s advanced tools are just what you need.

Automate Chores, Automate Results
Set our software platform on autopilot so it sends the right messages at the right time for you. Workbench, our drag-and-drop workflow builder, even lets you fully customize campaigns.

You Can't Text Without Targeting
People don’t tolerate irrelevant text messages, especially when it’s SMS marketing. Have our system learn more about your subscribers so you can automatically target messages.

Management for Growing Organizations
Manage your team’s use of our SMS marketing system by controlling which features or data each user can access based on their role. Enjoy centralized reports too.

More Channels = More Reach & Impact
Use a single integrated system that synchronizes multi-channel campaigns - SMS, MMS, email, and voice. See how powerful your text marketing can be when combined with other channels.

Multiple Integration Options
Integrate Trumpia’s capabilities with your existing systems. If you don’t have an in-house programmer, hire our custom development team to do it for you.