Supernova Overview

Supernova manages the entire design system lifecycle in one place, without making your team change tools or maintain self-built workflows and integrations. Automate everything to fit the way you work already.

Kick adoption of your design system into overdrive
Designers, developers, product owners and stakeholders — everyone has their own tools, workstyles, and something to contribute.
Let them work the way they want to, using the tools they love.

Deliver the documentation you always wanted
Documentation is the key to broad adoption of your design system.
Supernova gives you new power tools to create an unparalleled resource that teams can rally around.

Annotate everything
Create an additional layer of data on top of your Figma imports to enhance your design system — add descriptions, comments, custom properties, statuses and more.

Automate design system delivery
Publish design system changes in Figma — your documentation updates, and pull requests open — automatically. Without any human intervention required, following the rules you set.