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Creattie Overview

Creattie is a collection of premium Lottie animations developers can use to give their app that little extra bit of animation love.

If you haven't tried Lottie yet, you should look into it. 

What is Lottie?

Lottie is a popular library allowing developers to render vector animations on mobile. With more control, ease of use, and scalability, it is one of the best ways to insert those lovely animations.

Lottie loads and renders animations and vectors exported in the bodymovin JSON format. Bodymovin JSON can be created and exported from After Effects with bodymovin, Sketch with Lottie Sketch Export, and from Haiku.

For the first time, designers can create and ship beautiful animations without an engineer painstakingly recreating them by hand. Since the animation is backed by JSON they are tiny in size but can be enormous in complexity! Animations can be played, resized, looped, sped up, slowed down, reversed, and even interactively scrubbed. Lottie can play or loop just a portion of the animation as well; the possibilities are endless! Animations can even be changed at runtime in various ways! Change the color, position or any keyframable value! Lottie also supports native UIViewController Transitions out of the box!

Whats good about Creattie

  • Free set of animations you could use (1400+ !)
  • These are mostly icons. If you're looking for more graphic animations head over to LottieFiles

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