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iOS Dev Tools Editor Max Ott
Editor's Notes

An online tool for quickly creating low fidelity UI sketches and mockups. Balsamiq Cloud gives you a palette of UI components including buttons, device frames, media, and more, that you can drag, drop and resize to create simple UI wireframes to capture your ideas. You can then collaborate on your designs in real-time with colleagues using annotations, comments, alternate versions, and chat. Balsamiq Cloud is intentionally low fidelity, focusing on structure and usability over full designs making it one of the fastest ways to prototype.

Balsamiq Cloud Overview

Balsamiq Cloud
Fast, Approachable, Collaborative Wireframing

Effortless UI Sketching
Capture your ideas, collaborate on your designs, get everyone on board!

Low Fidelity
Focus on structure and usability, not on pretty colors.
Our sketched style elicits honest feedback, and ensures no one confuses your wireframes for the final product.

The Easiest to Learn
Drag, Drop and Resize. Perfect for PMs and CEOs.
Designed for non-technical people. You'll be amazed at what you can do.

The Fastest
Wireframe at the speed of thought. Even faster than pen and paper.
We deliberately focus on speed, because tools shouldn't slow you down.

Super Collaborative
Review, iterate and get everyone on the same page. Quickly.

Elegantly Powerful
Just enough prototyping, only when you need it.

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