Codemagic Overview

CI/CD for mobile that matches your needs
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How Codemagic works
  1. Add your app wherever it is hosted
    Codemagic CI/CD integrates with Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and other self-hosted or cloud-based Git repositories.
  2. Start the build
    Build mobile apps using standard or premium instances of macOS, Linux and Windows build machines.
  3. Test automatically
    Assure the quality of your apps with automated testing. Run unit tests or test your apps on simulators, emulators or real devices as part of your continuous integration and delivery pipeline.
  4. Get notifications and feedback
    Set up build notifications for fast feedback on your builds. Debugging is easy thanks to clear logs and remote access to the build machine. Codemagic provides integration to workspaces like Slack.
  5. Automate deployment
    Codemagic will automatically publish your app with every build or on terms that work for you so you can release your mobile apps in record time and get to the market faster.