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SQLite+ Overview

Powerful Tools for SQLite Database. Inspect SQLite in running App, Code auto generation, Data Import/Export.

Feature 1: Inspect SQLite in running App
By Linking our Probe Library to your Xcode project,You can view SQLite data on running iOS/OSX App in real-time.In some developing and testing process, this will be very useful.

Feature 2: Code auto generation
Table Model & DAO Class Code auto generation save your 50% time to develop DB-related application;
Code Template Editor,DIY Code in your style.

Feature 3: Multi-Database Admin
Open All Your Database in one tree navigation panel.you can also open every database in single window by click context menu(open new window) in database node. Magic data, a power function can auto-generate test data, other function including rename/alter/drop/empty/duplicate table, merge database, SQL key words Auto-Complete,Drag/drop table from one database to other database, etc...

Feature 4: Create Table in many ways
There are many ways of create table, in addition to conventional column definition, SQLite+ also provide other 4 ways: 1)Analyse objc class properties as table columns;2)Parse json fields as table columns; 3)Execute SQL to create table;4)Drag table from other database

Feature 5: Data Import,Export
SQLite+ supports sql, json, csv, xml, plist format data import/export. in particular, it can import MySQL database SQL script.

Feature 6: Data Connection
Connection provide another import inspect channel to sqlite from MySQL & CoreData data resource.

You can view more details form http://www.iosxtools.com/SQLite+

Notes:1) SQLite+ Probe uses Bonjour to connect with the running iOS/OSX application. If you are running the OSX/iOS application, it will need to be on the same network for the SQLite+ Mac application to be able to connect with it; 2) Because of OSX Sandbox limitation, Create new database or open database existed, sqlite file will be copy to the sandbox document folder.

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