Sherlock Overview

Give your iOS Simulator superpowers
Edit views and layout constraints in real time, simulate running on other devices, and jump straight to the source code, all from your Simulator - zero configuration required.

Edit properties in real-time. No need to rebuild.

Edit properties on your view and it’s layer in real time - so you can create the perfect shadow or fix your stack view layout in half the time.

Layout Constraints
Edit, enable or disable your Auto Layout constraints and layout priorities so that you can get your layout just right without having to rebuild.

Sherlock doesn’t just work with UIKit classes - it can automatically detect @IBInspectable and @objc properties of supported types on your custom view classes and let you view and edit them in real time.

Jump to File.
Spend less time finding the right class.
No need to hop between the Simulator and Xcode to find the source code for a view. Simply select the view and click Jump to File.

Investigate how your app works.

Get to grips with unfamiliar or complicated code.  Just hover over a view to see its class.

Resizable Screen
Sherlock uses Auto Layout to predict how your app will be rendered with different screen sizes and safe areas, so you can see what your app will look like instantly, without having to rerun your app on each device.