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Shake Overview

Fix reported bugs 50x faster automatically

Shake web dashboard
Reports arrive to you instantly, automatically supplemented with a ton of useful data so you can fix them 50X faster.

Your app with Shake SDK
Whenever users notice a bug, they just shake their phone to report it, without ever leaving your app.

You too can add Shake SDK to your app
This familiar process shouldn’t take you more than 4 to 5 minutes, right?

Your testers and users can now send feedback
When they shake their device, Shake opens up and allows them to send you feedback without ever leaving your app.
  • Customize invocation with .getReportConfiguration()
  • Call .silentReport() to use your UI with our functionality
  • Easily report yourself any .log() you want
Send any variable
Report yourself any info from the user’s device you want. Use .setMetadata() to easily adjust the data to your debugging requirements.

Full activity history
See the user’s taps around your app, .log() custom events and see all their network traffic prior to reporting the bug to you.

Deep search
On the web Dashboard you can, for example, effortlessly find only bugs reported from iPad Airs that were in landscape mode and offline.

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