RocketSim Overview

Enhancing the iOS Simulator
Compare designs, right in the simulator. Create recordings with touches, trim and export them into MP4 or GIF and share them anywhere using drag & drop. Add bezels to screenshots and videos. Perform actions with your latest builds.

And that's not all. Organise and launch Universal Links (deeplinks) with ease.

Recent builds

Quick actions for your recent builds help you increase productivity

  • Open common directories like your app's documents folder.
  • Read and write user defaults
  • Grant, revoke, or reset permissions like photo and location access, allowing you to quicker test related implementations
Compare designs

Pixel-perfect implementations of delivered designs. Add your designs in the compare tool and verify your implementation, right in the Simulator.

Professional recordings & screenshots

Capture MP4, GIF, or PNG.

  • You'll blow away your colleagues after adding device bezels to your recordings
  • Touches make a difference in telling a story. Share professional recordings of a new feature with your friends and colleagues
  • Optimize for App Store Connect App Previews and stop wasting time using tools like FFmpeg to conform to the App Preview specifications
  • Add bezels to your screenshots for a professional impression