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My personal go-to proxy tool for any kind of (web) debugging. It's a beautiful native Mac app to work with. It's easy to use, features a great user interface and is made by an indie developer. What more can you wish for? (It's even possible to proxy iOS and Android devices & simulators!)

Proxyman Overview

Modern. Native. Web Debugging Proxy
Proxyman is a native, high-performance macOS app, which enables developers to capture, inspect, and manipulate HTTP(s) requests/responses with ease.

Powerful & Reliable Debugging Tools
Quickly dive into the network level to diagnose and fix problems with Proxyman debugging features.

SSL Proxying
Proxyman acts as a man-in-the-middle server that logs the traffic between your applications and SSL Web Server.

Proxyman has built-in macOS setup, so you can inspect your HTTP/HTTPS Request and Responses in plain text with just one click.

Multiple Filters
Narrow down your search with Proxyman's Multiple Filters Tool. You can combine complex filtered criteria such as URL, Request Header, Response Header, Body, Status Code, Method, Color, and Comment to filter your requests/responses more accurately.

Proxyman also provides handy shortcuts and persists your last filter configs for later use.

Map Local Tool
Map Local Tool enables you to use the content of local files as a response to your requests, as soon as they are matched with your rules. Map Local allows developers to manipulate the Response, includes Status Code, Headers, and Body.

Map Local Tool could significantly boost your speed during the development phase as well as provide the capability to rapidly test on several edge-cases without explicitly updating the data in your server.

Breakpoint Tool
Breakpoint Tool helps you to stop a request before it goes to your server or stops a response before it goes to your app.

You can use Breakpoint to modify Requests/Responses data (e.g. Headers, URL, Status Code, Body) on the fly without changing any client code.

Scripting Tool
Scripting Tool is an advanced debugging tool that enables developers to inspect and modify Requests and Responses Data more flexibly with Javascript code.

We provide a handful of Snippet Code, common Add-ons and JS Libraries to facilitate your debugging procedure and make it 100x faster.

GraphQL Debugging
Easily debug GraphQL Request by defining a matching rule with a particular GraphQL QueryName. Works with Breakpoint, Map Local, Map Remote, and Scripting Tool.

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