Core Data Lab Overview

View, analyse and track your Core Data app’s data

Powerful tools
Core Data Lab offers everything to view and analyse the Core Data database of your app, like a predicate editor, data editor, data change tracker and a built-in web and image content viewer.

Familiar interface
There is no need to learn anything new, thanks to its familiar interface design, native macOS interaction controls and a data presentation that strictly follows the Core Data object model design.

Project based
A Core Data Lab project contains all essential information of your app and database, so you can continue where you left off by simply opening your last project.

The easy to use Core Data viewer.
Core Data Lab lets you easily view, edit and analyse data of SQLite based Core Data apps. View, track and explore what’s inside your Core Data database, including all Core Data specific details like relationships, entity descriptions, fetch request templates and more.

Data change tracker.
Hit the Play button on the toolbar to start tracking database changes. New, deleted and changed data rows are being displayed with distinct colours. Each previous row version is displayed individually, including all value changes. There is no need to adjust your project or implement special libraries.

Predicate editor.
With the built-in predicate editor you can build all kinds of filters without entering any SQL phrases. Predicates can be saved within the project, including sorting settings, so you can easily re-use your filters.

Data editor.
You can create and edit data directly in Core Data Lab, validated by the Core Data object model. This makes it easy for example to repeat or reproduce test cases for your Core Data app. Data can be edited in the Details inspector panel, or in a separate window.

Field content viewer.
The field content viewer zooms in on one field and automatically detects HTML, XML, JSON content, URL's linked to websites or images, but also binary images and other content saved in the database. Web content can also be debugged using the built-in web debugger.

Simulator browser.
All Core Data apps ever launched in the iOS, iPadOS or tvOS simulator can be added to a new Core Data Lab project with a single click, using the Simulator browser. This is just one of the many ways to set up a new project.