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TrustKit Overview

TrustKit is an open source framework that makes it easy to deploy SSL public key pinning and reporting in any iOS 12+, macOS 10.13+, tvOS 12+ or watchOS 4+ App; it supports both Swift and Objective-C Apps.

TrustKit provides the following features:
  • Simple API to configure an SSL pinning policy and enforce it within an App. The policy settings are heavily based on the HTTP Public Key Pinning specification.
  • Sane implementation by pinning the certificate's Subject Public Key Info, as opposed to the certificate itself or the public key bits.
  • Reporting mechanism to notify a server about pinning validation failures happening within the App, when an unexpected certificate chain is detected. This is similar to the report-uri directive described in the HPKP specification. The reporting mechanism can also be customized within the App by leveraging pin validation notifications sent by TrustKit.
  • Auto-pinning functionality by swizzling the App's NSURLConnection and NSURLSession delegates in order to automatically add pinning validation to the App's HTTPS connections; this allows deploying TrustKit without even modifying the App's source code.

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