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Swift for Embedded Systems Overview

This project aims to bring Swift to the world of embedded systems and IoT. It enables using Swift on microcontrollers with no operating system and with minimal resources available.

What version of Swift does it support?
Swift 5.1... enjoy the latest features of Swift on bare metal! 🚀

Are all features of Swift available?
Yes, except for full unicode support. To save some memory, it includes simplified support only – you can use unicode characters in your strings, but they are ignored by operations like .uppercased() ("žluťoučký".uppercased() returns "žLUťOUčKý" instead of "ŽLUŤOUČKÝ").

Any limitations?
Code size. A "hello world" application has a little bit over one megabyte because it includes a big part of the Swift standard library. However, it is a fixed cost (does not grow proportionally with your program) and you can fit quite a lot on a microcontroller with 2MB of flash!

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