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Swift Bundler Overview

A tool for creating macOS apps with Swift packages instead of Xcode projects. The end goal is to be able to create apps for all desktop platforms with a single Swift codebase.

Escape Xcode
As Swift support in VSCode & Co improves there is real value in being able to free our projects from the bounds of Xcodeproj's. Many of us know exactly how frustrating it is when syntax highlighting breaks, auto complete stops working or Xcode crashes and we can't do anything to fix it. VSCode and many other code editors are open source (along with their extensions) and the community can easily step up and fix bugs.

However, if you still want to use Xcode, Swift Bundler has excellent support for running and building through Xcode.

A cross-platform future
In the future I hope to add support for other platforms such as Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and more. Along with an easy to use cross-platform UI framework (such as my WIP SwiftCrossUI 30) I believe that Swift could be a great language for developing performant and native cross-platform apps.

Easy to use with CI
Xcodeproj's can be a bit cumbersome to use with CI solutions such as GitHub Actions in my experience (with code signing and all). In contrast, Swift Bundler is extremely easy to use.

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