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Splash Overview

A fast, lightweight and flexible Swift syntax highlighter. It can be used to generate code sample HTML for a blog post, to turn a string of Swift code into a fully syntax highlighted image, or to build custom developer tools.

Splash can be used either as a library in your own Swift Package Manager-powered tool or script, or by using one of the four built-in command line tools that act as frontends for the Splash library.

🌍 On the web
If you're using Publish, then there's an official plugin that makes it easy to integrate Splash into your website: SplashPublishPlugin

If you're using Jekyll, there's also a custom {% splash %} tag available for the Liquid templating language: splashtag

🖥 On the command line
The easiest way to get started building things with Splash is to use one of the four built-in command line tools that each enable you to use Splash in different ways.

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