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Publish Overview

A static site generator built specifically for Swift developers. It enables entire websites to be built using Swift, and supports themes, plugins and tons of other powerful customization options.

Websites as Swift packages
When using Publish, each website is defined as a Swift package, which acts as the configuration as to how the website should be generated and deployed — all using native, type-safe Swift code.

Each website built using Publish can freely decide what kind of sections and metadata that it wants to support. Above, we’ve added three sections — Recipes, Links, and About — which can then contain any number of items. We’ve also added support for our own, site-specific item metadata through the ItemMetadata type, which we’ll be able to use in a fully type-safe manner all throughout our publishing process.

Start out simple, and customize when needed
While Publish offers a really powerful API that enables almost every aspect of the website generation process to be customized and tweaked, it also ships with a suite of convenience APIs that aims to make it as quick and easy as possible to get started.

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