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pilgrim Overview

Pilgrim is a dependency injection library for Swift with the following features:

  • Minimal runtime-only library that works with pure Swift (structs, classes, protocols) as well as ObjC base classes, when necessary.
  • Easy to install. Works on iOS, Mac & Linux. No compile-time weaving required.
  • Type safe. No reflection or ObjC runtime, because it is pure swift. (Uses higher-order functions.)
  • Lifecycles management: shared, weakShared, objectGraph (a DI concept introduced by Typhoon, for desktop and pocket apps) & unshared.
  • Can be used with SwiftUI, UIKit and Cocoa based apps.
  • Simple and flexible. For example, it is easy to have two injectable instances that conform to the same protocol.
  • Provides the notion of a composition root in which the key actors, and their interactions in an application architecture are defined as a graph. This is where your app's architectural story is told. Assembled instances can then be injected into top level classes, such as a view controller, in a UIKit app, using property wrappers.
  • Runtime args. Can act as a factory for emitting new instances derived from a mix of runtime parameters and key architectural actors.
  • Official successor to Typhoon and based on the excellent FieryCrucible by jkolb.
You can use Pilgrim in apps that employ the object-oriented programming paradigm or that mix object-oriented and functional styles.

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