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MacDown Overview

An open source Markdown editor for OS X, released under the MIT License. MacDown is heavily influenced by, the seemingly defunct, Mou offering a similar editor and live preview interface. It uses the Hoedown parser meaning it's both efficient and highly configurable, including syntax highlighting in fenced code blocks with language identifiers, TeX-like math syntax, GFM task lists, Jekyll front-matter, and more. You can also provide custom CSS for PDF and HTML rendering to get the exact style you're looking for.

Markdown Rendering
Hoedown is used internally to render Markdown into HTML. This makes MacDown’s live preview both efficient and very configurable. It also supports lots of non-standard syntactic features, including the very widely-used fenced code blocks with language identifiers. You can find all the available configurations in MacDown’s Preferences pane.

Additional Rendering Tools
MacDown provides various tools that add additional processing to the rendered HTML, including:
  • TeX-like math syntax, including $$...$$, \\[...\\], \\(...\\), and (optionally) $...$ blocks.
  • GFM task lists.
  • Jekyll front-matter.
Syntax Highlighting
Syntax highlighting in fenced code blocks with language identifiers are rendered by Prism.

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