Kaleidoscope Overview

Spot the differences, merge in seconds
Spot the differences in text and image files, or even folders full of files. Review changes in seconds, with the world's most powerful file comparison app.

Focus on just the content - New! Reader view
Sometimes you want to get rid of all the UI and just focus on the content. Using a single shortcut, the new Reader view hides all non-essential window chrome and puts your content front and center.

Kaleidoscope finds the most readable way to express changes, instead of just displaying what is simplest for a computer to parse. Our custom comparison engine is designed to give you the clearest possible overview.

Your first draft is never the last

Spot changed text quickly

Whether it's an article, an important letter, a legal contract, or source code, Kaleidoscope helps you manage text changes from inception to finished document.

There are three layouts to fit your preference: Blocks, Fluid, and Unified. Quickly navigate through the most readable and beautiful diff you've ever seen.

Works with Word and PDF

Kaleidoscope extracts and compares text, from many document formats, such as Word and PDF files.

Compare directories side by side

With powerful data filtering, Kaleidoscope makes reviewing differences in files and folders easier than ever.

Whether it’s a music collection, albums of photos, or branches of code, folders can have a lot of differences.

Kaleidoscope makes it easy to filter for what you are looking for and drill down to see more. Double click a folder to open a new tab and filter it to see any combination of changes, additions, and deletions.

Clone files from one to the other

Use Kaleidoscope to sync Documents folders on two machines, or even to help you move pictures and media to a backup drive. The Folder Scope gives you complete control to only move what you want, and to drill down to see the details of what is different.

  • Fast algorithm for finding differences
  • Set Ignore patterns to hide items
  • Sort and filter down to what matters most
  • Drill deeper into folders
  • Directly compare files of supported file types