Fork Overview

Fork - a fast and friendly git client for Mac and Windows

Fork is getting better and better day after day and we are happy to share our results with you.

Commit List - Working Directory Changes - Side by Side Diff - Repository Manager Summary and Statistics

GitHub Notifications
Fork gently informs you about GitHub notifications without being annoying.

Merge Conflicts
Resolve your merge-conflicts easily using the merge-conflict helper and built-in merge-conflict resolver.

Interactive Rebase
Edit, reorder and squash your commits using visual interactive rebase.

Image Diffs
Fork allows you to see diffs for the common image formats.

Advanced Diff Viewer
Fork's Diff Viewer provides a clear view to spot the changes in your source code quickly.

With history view you can find all commits where a particular file or directory was changed.

With blame view you can find the last commit which changed a particular file line.