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First Aid Git Overview

A searchable collection of the most frequently asked Git questions. First Aid Git lists all the topics for you to browse or search by keyword. Answers for the questions were collected from the authors personal experience, Stack Overflow, and the official Git documentation, but the site and list of answers is also open source so you can suggest your own on GitHub but submitting a pull request. First Aid Git is a handy alternative to digging through Stack Overflow or the Git documentation.

First Aid Git latest README

First Aid git

First Aid Git

Table of Contents

How to run

  1. npm install
  2. npm run start to start the Webpack development mode
  3. npm build to start the Webpack build

Make a build

Gulp.js is used to generate the Webpack build and take care of copying the assets to a build folder.

Make sure to have gulp installed and run:

gulp build

To generate a deployable version.

Using the CLI

There's an experimental CLI for First Aid Git!

You can install it via npm by doing:

npm install -g firstaidgit

And use by running firstaidgit your search from your terminal.



Please note that this project needs a lot of fixes as far as best practices go. It began its lifecycle as an experiment and there's plenty of improvements that can be done, so feel free to contribute if you'd like to make any changes to it.

Contributing with git answers

All answers live in assets/posts.json.