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Finch Overview

Finch is a configurable tool designed to make tracking the history and evolution of a product simple and easy to automate. It transforms a project's Git commit messages into well-formatted version changelogs — tailored to your team's specific needs.

We strongly believe in the importance of a good changelog. We also know changelogs can occasionally end up A) overlooked/untimely and B) difficult to maintain in terms of styling/approach as different team-members are managing a given release. It was these issues, and the desire to automate them for our team, which led to the creation of Finch. We believe that well-formed and intentional Git commit messages can serve as the underlying data for powering an automated and hassle-free changelog system. Through the use of some relatively minor commit-message discipline — and according to whatever conventions your team would like to use — Finch can help you automate your internal and external-facing changelogs, providing as much detail or polish as is desired.

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