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FengNiao Overview

FengNiao is a simple command-line util to deleting unused image resource files from your Xcode project.

Just navigate to your project folder, then:

> fengniao

It will scan current folder and all its subfolders to find unused images, then ask you whether you want to delete them. Please make sure you have a backup or a version control system before you deleting the images; it will be an un-restorable operation.

How it works
  1. Extract resource file names (default file type: ["imageset", "jpg", "png", "gif", "pdf"]) in these folders ["imageset", "launchimage", "appiconset", "bundle”].
  2. Use regular expression to search all string names in files (default files type: ["m", "mm", "swift", "xib", "storyboard", "plist"]).
  3. Exclude all used string names from resources files, we get all unused resources files.

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