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DevCleaner Overview

Currently tested with macOS 12 and Xcode 13. Should support earlier Xcode versions as well

Available on the Mac App Store

If you want to reclaim tens of gigabytes of your storage used for various Xcode caches - this tool is for you!

Xcode could store tens of gigabytes in ~/Developer folder. Most of those cached files & symbols is not reclaimed over time and could consume a large amount of your storage, which is especially important if you have relatively small SSD drive.

DevCleaner gives you an easy way to inspect auto-generated files and clean them if necessary. It could also remind you about scan after a while.

Please note that this application is relying on internal folder structures and undocumented features. It could stop working with newer versions of Xcode! I tried to make sure this application is safe, but if you want to be sure, please make backup before use it.m

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