Cloudinary Overview

Effortlessly optimize and transform your cloud's assets.

If you’re dealing with media in your app, and you probably are. Then you’ve probably felt the pain of compression and image sizes.

Cloudinary and its competitors such as imgix, ImageKit and Mux aim to make your life easier.

Cloudinary’s pitch is to “Transform images and videos to load faster with no visual degradation, automatically generate image and video variants, and deliver high quality responsive experiences to increase conversions.”

These types of tools will make your life easier.

With the above code, the image has been:
  • Cropped
  • Rounded
  • Filtered (sepia)
  • Added watermark
  • Rotated
  • Converted from jpg to png

So whatever custom code you are writing related to media, there’s a strong chance a tool like Cloudinary will save you time.