Swrve Overview

Swrve is an integrated mobile marketing automation platform supporting every aspect of mobile engagement, retention and monetization, including in-app messages, push notifications, email, mobile A/B testing, and mobile analytics.

Deliver Customer Experiences with Marketer-friendly Dashboard
Swrve has delivered success to marketers across industries for over 10 years with a versatile, powerful customer engagement platform. Now, we have opened up our dashboard to connect with your exisiting tech stack, so you can connect your brand to customers across channels, devices, and platforms.

Create Better Customer Experiences
Swrve's powerful platform and APIs help brands to create interactions and experiences that are highly personal, contextual, and relevant to each customer.

Our dynamic, data-driven engagement platform helps you create truly cross-channel experiences so you can follow the eyeballs across push notifications, in-app messages, embedded experiences, with advanced A/B and resource testing to ensure every interaction is optimal.

Drive Growth Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle
Swrve helps you design and automate seamless onboarding flows, engaging real-time experiences, optimized monetization interactions, and customer satisfaction to drive growth at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Be Programmable with Powerful Connections
Swrve integrates with your backend, marketing technology, and CX systems to create and deliver customer experiences that drive engagement, retention, and revenue. Swrve’s connectors and integrations gives brands bi-directional data flow and capabilities into any system in your enterprise. Audiences, content, and experiences are dynamically created, seamlessly orchestrated, and uniquely triggered by a wide range of data sources across your tech stack.