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Cloudant Overview

A scalable JSON document database for web, mobile, IoT and serverless applications. The data layer for hyperscale, resilient, globally available applications, based on open source Apache CouchDB.

What is IBM® Cloudant®?
A fully managed, distributed database optimized for heavy workloads and fast-growing web and mobile apps, IBM Cloudant is available as an IBM Cloud® service with a 99.99% SLA. Cloudant elastically scales throughput and storage, and its API and replication protocols are compatible with Apache CouchDB for hybrid or multicloud architectures.

Cloudant features

Instantly deploy an instance, create databases and independently scale throughput capacity and data storage to meet your application requirements.

Encrypt all data, with optional user-defined encryption key management through IBM Key Protect, and integrate with IBM Identity and Access Management.

Global availability
Get continuous availability as Cloudant distributes data across availability zones and 6 regions for app performance and disaster recovery requirements.

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