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A command line utility that dramatically speeds up the process of creating localised App Store screenshots. Snapshot lets you create hundreds of screenshots in multiple languages on all simulators. To configure which screenshots to include just profile the app with the Automation Instrument. From then on you can run 'snapshot' from the command line to recreate all your screenshots in all supported languages. Snapshot even automatically waits for network requests to be finished before taking a screenshot and generates a web page, which shows a preview of all screenshots on all devices.

snapshot generates localized iOS, tvOS, and watchOS screenshots for different device types and languages for the App Store and can be uploaded using (deliver).

You have to manually create 20 (languages) x 6 (devices) x 5 (screenshots) = 600 screenshots.

It's hard to get everything right!

  • New screenshots with every (design) update
  • No loading indicators
  • Same content / screens
  • Clean Status Bar
  • Uploading screenshots (deliver is your friend)
snapshot runs completely in the background - you can do something else, while your computer takes the screenshots for you.

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