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ReviewKit Overview

ReviewKit is a Swift package/framework that provides logic designed to prompt users at the ideal moment for a review of your app. At a basic level it works by beginning an "App Session" and then sending "Actions" – which contain a "Score" and a few other properties – to the main controller object. This allows the library to track things such as:

  • The last date a review prompt was requested.
  • The last session in which a review prompt was requested.
  • The last version of the app for which a review prompt was requested.
  • The average score of each session.
  • The total number of sessions a user has had.
This library DOES NOT provide any kind of review UI, it was primarily designed with iOS in mind – which Apple don't allow custom review prompts on – although you can easily configure it to show your own review prompt on other platforms. The reason that it doesn't provide any UI is due to Apple's strict shutdown and rejection of app's which provide their own UI to "filter" bad reviews out.

This library attempts to provide some of that filtering behind the scenes by requiring a strict set of criteria (All configurable) before requesting a review prompt to be shown. It also provides default timeouts between subsequent prompts which is particularly important when using SKStoreReviewController as Apple do not provide any kind of timeout for it's method.

Usage on other platforms is outlined below

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