Launchbuddy Overview

Stay organised while making apps!

LaunchBuddy is a tool that helps you keep track of all projects you’re working on and releases that you have planned.
In LaunchBuddy you can manage Apps, App Ideas, Releases, Checklists and even Taskboards.

— App Ideas —
Write down all app ideas that you have, including a short description. You can also prioritise your ideas by ordering them in a list.

— Apps —
Keep track of your apps’ development status, supported platforms, store, website & social links and much more.

— Releases —
Manage releases & app updates, including release dates, status and changelog. You can add tasks from a checklist to your releases in order to never forget those little details like updating screenshots or writing new marketing copy.

— Taskboards —
Create taskboards with all ideas, features and issues for your apps. Use taskboards to plan what you want to implement or how you want to market an update.

— Checklists —
Checklists are similar to taskboards, but there’s a major difference: They are blueprints of tasks, that you can add to any release. These are things that you have to do before pushing at any update - like creating marketing images, refreshing screenshots and making sure that VoiceOver still works.

LaunchBuddy has a generous free tier with almost all functionality included that can be used for up to 2 apps and 2 taskboards. If you need to manage more apps or want access to specific features like filtering your apps or creating custom checklists you can get LaunchBuddy Pro, which is based on pay-what-you-want, starting at tier 5 ($4.99).