ASO by 2stable Overview

Getting your app out there and into the user's hands can be tricky. Amongst millions of other apps, users have to be able to find your app when searching for those specific words. ASO allows you to track keyword rankings daily.

The "key" is to find the right words that are not too common! Keywords drive users to specific apps. For example, if you develop an app that tracks water intake. If a user types: 'Water' and 'Drinking', it will get thousands of results. But focusing on "hydration" - a less common keyword- might drive more users to your app.

With ASO by 2stable, you can track keywords and optimise your app listing against trending keywords to get more downloads.

What's good
  • Search the App Store - a highly underrated feature as you sometimes want to use your laptop to check if a new idea exists already
  • Monitor your app rankings
  • No account needed

Areas for improvement
What we would have liked is to be able to see our AppStoreConnect analytics here too. It also appears that it needs to run in the background to update. Server-side syncing would be an improvement.

ASO offers a Free tier and Premium tier (9.99$/month)