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AppStoreMetrix Overview

An add-on for Google Sheets that lets you automatically import App Store data from iTunes Connect and Google Play. AppStoreMetrix offers you a simple way to download your app statistics for in-app purchases, app installs, earnings, crashes and more, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without manually downloading and transforming the raw data into a suitable format. Once downloaded you're free to use all of Google Sheets' features such as filters, charts, and dashboards to analyse and visualise your data.

  • collect app reporting data from iTunes Connect and Google Play easily
  • select your app reports via a sidebar directly in Sheets
  • no need to extract and copy/paste your data from
  • automatically transform your data into a more convenient format
  • analyze app perfomance easily in your common work environment
  • download and share app reports within seconds
  •  automatically visualize key data
  • use Google Sheets native visualizations
Connect easily with Google Data Studio and create awesome app performance dashboards

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