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App Screenshot Generator
Create beautiful customized screenshots for your App Store & Google Play page.

Pre-designed Layouts & Devices
Select the best from tons of pre-designed Layouts & Devices for iOS & Android to create your own trendy Google Play & App Store screenshot. All inside the app screenshot generator.

Quick start from curated Templates
Select a template, upload your screenshot, add your message & generate your awesome Google Play & App Store image in minutes. Thanks to the app screenshot generator.

Font-styling & Localization
Style your caption's font, color, alignment using the app store screenshot generator. Translate your message in multiple languages to support Localization across countries.

Awesome Background Options
AppLaunchpad app screenshot maker provides millions of Background images & colors to make your iOS or Android app stand out.

Export in all device sizes for App Store & Google Play
Upload device specific screenshot and export it in all device sizes or Upload a single global screenshot which AppLaunchpad tool resizes to all devices specific sizes.

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