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AppBot Overview

App review & ratings tools to level up your whole customer experience
The platform for companies who take reviews and ratings seriously. Appbot provides world class review & ratings monitoring, replies and analysis.

Monitor App Reviews & Ratings
Appbot saves teams hours every week with powerful integrations and automations.

Apple & Google Play reviews
Appbot supports all major app stores. New reviews are fetched in near real-time so your team is always connected with users.

Amazon product reviews
Appbot helps you improve your seller performance with the amazon review analysis tool. Review customer feedback and take action to further improve products or listings.

App reviews in Slack, Zendesk, Zapier & more
Connect everyone in your team to your reviews. Whether it's the product team via Slack or customer support in Zendesk we've got you covered.

All Countries included
We know you care about all your users, no matter where they are located. Appbot collects reviews from all countries, right out of the box.

Automatic translations to English
No more copy/pasting into translators. Appbot automatically translates app reviews & product reviews and presents them in-line with the original.

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