Snowplow Overview

Snowplow Analytics technology gives you control of your own data, setting your team free to use data to be transformative.

Deep customer understanding begins with high-quality behavioral data
Generate complete, accurate and well-structured event data across all platforms and channels in a common format, with the Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform.

Unified behavioral data
Power multiple use cases with a single, unified data set generated from web, mobile and other sources.

Assurance in your data
Avoid poor quality data eroding confidence in your reporting, analytics and products.

Faster execution
Clean, well-structured data means less time preparing data and more time creating value.

Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform
We bring people, processes and technology together in one platform to help you drive value from behavioral data

WE SOLVE technology challenges
Our open-core technology generates rich, high-quality behavioral data, process it and delivers it to your real time streams, data lake and data warehouse.

WE SOLVE organizational challenges
Structured workflows, tooling and the Snowplow Console help solve common challenges around data quality, governance, observability and meaning.

WE SOLVE compliance challenges

Engineered for ethical data collection; identify, control and manage personally identifiable information and meet compliance requirements.

All underpinned by the ongoing strategic and technical expertise we provide you