Editor's Notes

The best tool to give you insights into the app industry. Everything from trends and usage patterns to in-depth analysis of your own apps. Assess trends and optimize your own organic reach and monitor shifts in your competitor's apps. Has free plans, paid ones are quite expensive and aimed towards bigger companies.

Sensor Tower Overview

Actionable Intelligence For The Digital World
Navigate the digital landscape with Sensor Tower’s next-generation, market-leading digital analytics platform

Engage with the Modern Digital Consumer
Uncover opportunities for growth
Equip your teams with accurate data on top competitors and industry leaders to accelerate your UA strategy. Plus, see the trends, news cycles and updates that are affecting the digital landscape overall.

Dive into the mind of the mobile user
Understand what kind of users are attracted to certain mobile apps by key demographics. Zoom in to see how those users form habits around certain mobile apps, and how they stay engaged long-term.

Optimize your digital advertising spend
With the world of digital advertising expanding rapidly, examine the ad networks and creatives that make a successful digital strategy. Analyze post-IDFA data signals that drive advertising trends.

Store Intelligence Identify Rising Market Trends
With highly accurate real-time global data from the App Store and Google Play, detect changes in the downloads and installs that drive the mobile app economy. Segment performance metrics by country, device, and more, and contextualize growth with Sensor Tower’s Revenue Per Download (RPD) and Average Revenue by Daily Active User (ARPDAU) views.

Usage Intelligence Assess Critical User Engagement
Built on a cutting-edge data science model, Sensor Tower’s Usage Intelligence delivers key metrics on mobile app retention, demographics, and engagement across all markets. Analyze the growth of Daily Active Users (DAU) of any given app to measure stickiness. Then, dive deeper and break down retention by total sessions and time spent to understand the demographic characteristics of users that engage with certain apps and which users of one app may be more likely to use another.

Ad Intelligence Optimize Ad Strategy
Analyze the top-performing trends in creatives and ad networks across all mobile categories to develop an iterative, agile paid campaign strategy. Assess traditional mobile ad networks like AdWords or AppLovin, or dive into the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and more. Sensor Tower’s IDFA-free data signals offer key insights into the best way to develop paid advertising on mobile devices.