Heap Overview

Let's get real.
You’re betting your business on misleading data.

What you can’t see is undermining your users’ digital experience.

Heap surfaces the hidden friction and opportunities in the customer journey, so you can build a better digital experience that accelerates your business.

Don’t build on assumptions, build on reality
Heap is the only solution that shows you every action by every user on your product or site, then provides direction on improvements that will most impact your business.

A Complete Set of Behavioral Data
Heap collects all the data on your customers - automatically. What they click. Where they go. What they do, even when you’re not looking. All without the need for engineers.

Stickier Digital Experiences
Heap’s powerful data science layer scours your digital dataset to pinpoint the events and behaviors that most impact your digital experience.

Accelerated Decision-Making
Our low-code platform and intuitive visualization tools empower individuals and teams to locate the insights they need, with minimal need for analysts or engineers.

Complete Data + The Fastest Time to Insight
With Heap, you can spend time innovating, experimenting, and impacting, not tracking, waiting, and reacting.

Know what deserves attention
Heap focuses you on opportunities in your digital experience that most impact your business. Eliminate friction, delight your customers, and accelerate revenue.

Future-proof your business
Today’s digital landscape evolves too rapidly to know in advance what you’ll need to track and measure. With Heap, you have all the data, and immediate direction on where to look.

Integrations across the stack
Over 100 integrations ensure you can deliver the right information to the right customers at precisely the right moment in their journey, automatically.