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A tool that helps you avoid repeating yourself with duplicate code for common iOS development tasks. Sourcery scans your source code, applies your personal templates and generates Swift code for you, allowing you to use meta-programming techniques to save time and decrease potential mistakes. It saves you time and errors for tasks such as adding NSCoding support, JSON serialisation, or adding Equatable or Hashable conformance. It also features built-in daemon support, allowing you to write your templates in real-time side-by-side with generated code for immediate feedback.


A simple command line tool that can help you write better, more concise Swift APIs by removing needless words from function names. needless can process text from STDIN or files specified in a list of paths and will attempt to apply the Swift API Design Guidelines by printing out function names with needless words such as repeated type information and will even suggest an alternative. You can also add it as an Xcode build phase that will generate warnings to highlight wordy functions in the source files.

Refactorator App

The app version of the Refactorator Xcode plugin for refactoring Swift. Now that Xcode 8 has removed plugin support, Refactorator App supplies the same renaming functionality in a standalone app. In addition to being able to rename public or internal vars, functions, enums etc it can now also generate a complete standalone static website of navigable code from your Xcode project with linked entities between files.


A productivity tool that lets you collect together all the things you need to work on your project(s) in one place. Freeter provides you with a dashboard for each project where you can add a number of useful widgets. This includes a Commander widget, that lets you execute a command line script or command with a single click; a File Explorer widget to view a file and folder tree; an Opener widget to get one click access to specific files and folders; a Webpage widget to load any site such as a task manager or dev site; and several more.


A command line tool that lets you execute tests in parallel on multiple iOS simulators. pxctest is simple to install using Homebrew, and once you've compiled your project for testing, you can run a single command to execute your tests on as many simulators as you need, including different devices and iOS versions. There are a number of different options to customise how your tests are run, and you can even provide a file that is copied to the simulator's Preferences plist to change the state of the simulator settings.


A simple iOS app that helps you visualise how Size Classes and layout margins look on real devices and how they change with respect to orientation, iPad multitasking (i.e. Slide Over/Split View) and Dynamic Type size changes. Adaptivity displays guides, sizes in pixels or points and current size classes over the top of many standard UI elements including pop-overs, modal presentations, split view controllers, tab bar controllers, and more. There's even two Notification Centre widgets, a notification content extension and an iMessage app to help you size up all kinds of apps.


A combined Adobe ExtendScript for After Effects and library for iOS and Android that lets you create high quality, vector based animations with complex shape and path curves, all with minimal file footprint. Keyframes is created by the clever developers at Facebook Incubator and makes it easy to add sophisticated vector animations from After Effects projects such as the reactions all Facebook users are familiar with. Running the ExtendScript outputs compact JSON files which can then be loaded into the library to be rendered in your app.


An open source Mac app for downloading and viewing App Store sales, reviews and rankings. AppWage gives you quick access to information such as the number of downloads, in-app purchases, promo codes and refunds. You can track your rankings allowing you to see where and when your apps change position in charts, and download reviews from each and every country, and have them translated into your local language. You can also add your competitors app to track their reviews and rankings as well.

App Store Screenshot

A simple, minimalistic and free online tool for generating good looking screenshots for the App Store and Google Play Store. App Store Screenshot lets you use your in-app screenshots to generate professional looking screenshots that will match the App Store's and Google Play's requirements. You can pick a background colour, choose from ten different device images, and add text with custom font and styling, before previewing and downloading ready to be upload to the App Store.


A curated collection of Xcode themes. codethemes includes over 60 different themes for Xcode categorised as light or dark, for which you can view the source, download or quickly install using ThemeInstaller. Currently the list only includes themes for Xcode, but support for other IDEs and editors will be added in the future.


A simple Mac app that makes is really easy to install themes for Xcode. ThemeInstaller saves you from having to manually copy the theme files to the correct directory. Just open a *.dvtcolortheme and it will be installed and ready to use on the next launch of Xcode. You can also install themes from any website that provides link with themeinstaller://install/theme-url schema.


A set of database administration tools for most popular databases including SQLite making it a great tool for databases on iOS. Navicat offers general database functions like editing/designing tables, data entry, SQL dumping, and creating/editing users, as well as other useful features such as the Import/Export Wizard, Report Builder, Data Modelling, Query Builder, Code Completion, Data/Structure Synchronisation, Batch Job Scheduler, HTTP/SSH Tunnel Connection, File Backup, and more. Each version if available to buy for one price with a 14 day free trial.

IBM Cloud Tools for Swift

A set of tools for macOS that simplify the management and deployment of server-side Swift on IBM's Bluemix. IBM Cloud Tools for Swift includes a sample app to get started using Kitura. You'll get a local development environment and tools to easily deploy and manage the status of your IBM Cloud runtimes, including unified credentials management, centralised control and monitoring of deployed assets, and local notifications of remote actions. You can also add your client side code to a project to link it to cloud services.


A macOS command line tool that generates Swift data model code based on JSON data. json2swift generates immutable Swift struct definitions along with thread-safe initialisers to create structs from JSON data. It performs sophisticated type inference to detect data types such as URLs and dates. For example, if you add a date format hint to your JSON, it will correctly add string to date parsing. It also aims to provide the correct optionality, making properties non-optional unless 'null' is found in the JSON.


A online tool to help distributed teams work better together. Sococo gives you an online virtual office space where you team can get together to communicate. You can view where each of your colleagues are on the virtual map and call them into one of the meeting spaces of a private call. It reduces wasted time by minimising the need for scheduled meetings by encouraging the spontaneous interaction you would get in a real physical office. Sococo is available online, or by using one of the desktop clients for Mac, Windows and Linux, or on mobile using the iOS or Android app.


A drop-in SDK and online service that provides crash reporting and real user monitoring. Raygun's error and crash reporting silently monitors your app, collecting all error and crash events that are affecting your users. When issues are found they are presented on your dashboard, with detailed diagnostic reports about every single error and crash. Real User Monitoring gives you detailed data on how every user interacts with your app, including complete user sessions and journeys, so you can find problem areas well before they affect more of your users.

Mocks 2

A mac app for designing mockups of iOS applications and screens. Mocks comes with a built-in collection of graphics depicting iOS UI controls and widgets (such as buttons, toolbars, and text fields). You can drag these controls from the Library palette to the Canvas area where you compose your mockups. Alignment guides (both automatic, and user-created) help you keep your designs in line, and a powerful bezier pen tool plus a large collection of shapes, arrows, images, and magnetic lines let you customise you designs further.


A gallery selecting the best in iOS app design from around the world. MobileMozaic aims to be a rich source of inspiration for iOS designers and developers. All submissions have been categorised based on UI patterns such as activity feeds, logins, popovers, timelines, and loads more. You can also browse by category such as travel, productivity or sports, or search by name, making it easy to find the inspiration you need.

Review Command

A Mac app that gathers your ratings and reviews for all of your apps, from all countries, and all major app stores, and displays them in one simple feed. Review Command supports iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Windows Store. In addition to your main feed, you can filter a specific app’s feed by country, date, and phrases mentioned. Easily see what users love (and don’t love) about your app. It's available for a one-off price, with no subscription fees and your account passwords are only ever stored locally on your Mac.

Origami Studio

The latest version of Facebook's prototyping tool based on their Origami plugin for Quartz Composer. Origami Studio is a fully featured design tool that lets you create prototypes with layers from Sketch, masks, particle systems, text, live cameras, and more. You can create and share your own reusable components, or pick from the library of pre-built Material and iOS components. Then you can bring it all to life with interactions and animations, all while previewing your designs in real time on device using the Origami Live app.