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An analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps. Localytics provides all the real-time analytics features you’d expect including screenflow, sessions, events, user segmentation and engagement analytics, but the selling point is that this data can be used to inform your app marketing. Marketing features include push notifications, A/B testing, personalised in-app messaging and acquisition management to discover how people are finding your app. The monthly price is quite high for independent developers but the free tier includes up to 10,000 active users and 1 million monthly data points.

screenshot of Localytics

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A drop-in SDK and online app analytics service that aims to better visualise what your users are doing in your app. Inapptics lets you see the actions users perform on each screen, where they tap and how they navigate within your app, as well as all the typical analytics metrics such as new and active users, sessions, OS versions and more. It can also automatically detect crashes and replay the exact steps that led to the crash. Coming soon is the addition of automatic human language suggestions based on AI-powered pattern analysis. […]

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